11 Plants That Survive With or Without You

Winter is coming and it’s easy for the outdoors to appear a bit lifeless and gloomy at times. If you are prepared though, you can make your home look like a winter wonderland. There are lots of cold weather plants to choose from that will come through and give you gorgeous blooms even if the weather doesn’t seem like it would allow it. During the fall and winter months, many homes become inhospitable environments for houseplants.

During the winter, our gardens seem to get completely void of life. Change things up this year and choose winter plants and flowers that’ll thrive and bloom for you. Here are some of my favorite cold weather plants. To make sure you find the right fit for your home, consider whether your space tends to be drafty, overly heated, dry, or dim, then check out the pretty options that work best in each of those conditions. Bring these plants into your home now, and you’ll always have fresh greenery to enjoy, even in the dead of.

This post from Better Homes and Gardens helps us to know what are some of the better perennials we can plant and which are a little more hearty to survive even the harshest of winters. Its not too late to plant! Fall can be a great time to get some of you plants established before the frost hits.