12 framed bathroom mirror ideas

We’re back with another DIY as we get close to finishing up our Budget Bathroom Makeover! (View the full reveal post here!). So, I took the bull by the horns and started designing! I found several examples of DIY framed bathroom mirrors online that I liked, but the vast majority involved putting the frame over an existing mirror. “Lucky” for us(?), we had no existing mirrors, so that actually made things easier! Are you looking to bring some changes to your bathroom? Bathroom mirrors have one of the most important roles in the bathroom.

If this is the case then why don`t you start with your bathroom mirror. You can play a lot with your bathroom mirror to make it look different and beautiful but one of the easiest and stylish option is to frame it. Yes you can frame the bathroom mirror and it will give a beautiful new look. There are many easy bathroom mirror frame ideas that you can find online. If you are interested in DIY activities and looking to bring some improvement to your bathroom then this is the best idea. One such idea is given below for your ease.

I gravitated toward a white framed mirror, since we have white cabinets/shower/etc., and I love me a good craftsman style. Mirrors do not just allow us to see our reflection, they also help make the bathroom look brighter and more spacious. Good bathroom mirrors reflect both natural and artificial light thus making the room more alive and vibrant. Today I’m showing you how we added some farmhouse charm by DIYing a rustic wood bathroom mirror frame around the existing mirror.