18 Loft Beds for Adults Ideas for Limited Space

One of the biggest problems that an apartment dweller has always dealt with is the limited space. Expanding the size of the room is pie in the sky, thus installing loft beds for adults to spruce your room up can be a terrific idea. Sharing a room with a friendcan be a lot of fun. You can chit chat all the time, watch some movies, or study together. Unfortunately, there is not enough space to put a desk for doing your assignment. Well, you could do it on your bed or living room actually, but it will not be comfy at all.

You can still share the joy of friendship and have a private desk in your bedroom. Yes. You can have them both. Cramped room is such a pain in the neck. You can do nothing but staring at the ceiling. Now roll up your sleeves and get ready to triumph over the extreme cramped room by installing a loft bed.

Loft beds enable you to optimize the space of your bedroom without ditching the other bed or expanding the room which may cost an arm and a leg. Just elevate one of the beds a little bit, place the other one right under the first one, and add a desk next to the lower bed. Problem is solved! Loft beds make brilliant use of limited space, they are fun for kids, and can be themed up and utilized in so many different ways. See our loft bed plans.

The long bed floating over the two beds can be a great nook as well as a storage rack where you can store your pillows and dolls. If you want to experience something different, you can lie on it while enjoying playing games on your PSP.