18 Natural Ways To Mosquito-Proof Your Summer

With summer approaching quickly, it’s time to get the home ready and be prepared for everything it brings. It also means getting ready to deal with the annoying mosquitoes and other bugs! For a chemical-free, natural way to avoid these bugs from spoiling your summer, here are several tips and tricks to avoid mosquitoes at your house, BBQ, or camping trip! Keeping bugs away from your home and yard during the warm summer months might at first seem like a monumental task. Luckily, you have some DIY remedies at your disposal. These hacks are some easy ways to keep pests out of your yard and home.

You’re not the only one looking forward to much-needed outdoor time this summer. Pesky mosquitos also live for warmer weather, so they can make a meal out of your extremities, that is. Nothing’s more annoying than scratching at red, itchy bug bites on your skin, but on a more serious level, the itty-bitty insects are also to blame for some dangerous health concerns. Citronella is one of the most effective natural mosquito repellents in the world.

There are a number of plants that have mosquito repellent properties, making them a wonderful addition to your garden this season. Plant some around your house, especially near the front and back doors, and they will keep the mosquitoes from ever getting into your house. Mosquitoes love to live and breed in standing water, so don’t invite them to hang out at your home. Get rid of any sitting water and avoid leaving things and containers out that could collect water. Keep pet water bowls, bird baths and kiddie pools clean and fresh. Make sure gutters are draining well and keep your grass trimmed short to avoid those little pests.