24+ Nail Art Designs You Need To Try

We are likely to think that a fair share lot of you do and there is no wonder why since myths do exist not only to entertain but also to fascinate us. What is more, when it comes to the fictional world it always seems to be more interesting than the reality, and that is how many people tend to escape the routine.

Grey nails are a popular nail color. Gray is one of the neutral tones you seldom notice. However, grey nail art design is far more gorgeous than you think. In fact, gray shades are quite elegant and complex. That is why if you believe in vampires and mermaids – you have come to the right place!

We are not going to prove it to you whether they exist or not but we will surely treat you with a great portion of unicorn nails ideas, that is for sure! By the way – do you know that unicorns create rainbows? Nail polish or nail art are the most common nail manicures today in order to embellish your nails. But what is a nail art? A nail art is basically nail design. Some times it is done as part of the nail paint or it is a fake nail place over your natural nail.


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